Fotric 325M-L25 – Câmara termográfica 320x240, focagem Manual,Lente standard (lente angular de 25°)

Câmara termográfica 320x240, focagem Manual,Lente standard (lente angular de 25°) Thermal Resolution: 320 x 240 Thermal Sensitivity: 40mk (0.04°C) Frame Rate: 30 Hz Temperature ranges (2): -20°C to 120°C; 0°C to 550°C Lens option/FOV/Focus Mode: 49°x 36.8° / IFOV: 2.78 mrad / 0.5m focus-free 3.5in touch screen display and fast user interface 8-megapixels industrial grade digital camera, always in focus, working distance as close as 0.5m Aim and shoot large scenes with wide angle lens - provides thousands temp data in one image Extended -20 to 550°C intelligent range - perform inspections in more industries Detect mechanical, electrical, building hidden thermal abnormalities with enhanced images
Manufacturer: Fotric
Old price: €2828.85
Fotric 320M Series Semi-Professional Compact Thermal Imagers


The Fotric 320M Series is a line of compact handheld cameras for facility maintenance. Perform more inspections in more industries with the extended -20 to 650°C intelligent range. Industries include electric utilities, building inspection, manufacturing, R&D, oil/gas, petro chemical, metallurgy, and more. The Fotric 320M Series has a small minimal imaging distance and precise focus to achieve better image contrast details, accurate readings, and allows it to see further as well as closer.


Fotric 320M Series Features:


  • Versatile design to assess electrical equipment with 25° lens
  • Work in confined spaces, fit larger targets with 49° and 46° wide angle lens options
  • Total focus control to achieve sharper details by switching from focus-free to manual focus
  • Get as close as 0.1m from targets to capture more details
  • Powered with TWB image balancing technology


  • High quality reporting with one-click automatic reports via Fotric AnalyzIR software
  • Easy-sharing JPEG thermal pictures with temperature data embedded
  • On-device radiometric video recording
  • Transfer images in seconds via Wi-Fi or memory card (64 GB)
  • Enriched inspection results
  • Add important written noted to videos and pictures; Record and listen to voice annotation
  • IP54 enclosure rating, 2 meters-drop tested
  • Technology-assisted inspections to spot problems faster to reveal hidden details (Touch scale)
TWB image
TWB image
  • Get deeper insights of complex analyses with multiple ‘Regions of Interest’ on screen
  • 8 palettes - grey, iron, rainbow, grey-red, glowbow, medical, prism
  • Images modes - thermal, visible light, picture-in-picture, image fusion
  • Region of interest measurement tools - Spot (6), Line (1), Rectangle/Circle (4)
  • WiFi and Bluetooth for data transfer and headset use
  • GPS enabled to provide for geographic info on thermal images
  • Responsive 3.5in LCD touch screen and fast user interface
  • Light-weight, compact design that fits in any toolbox or overall pocket
Fotric 325F-L49

Fotric 325F is a compact and affordable handheld thermal camera for facility maintenance use. Its 320 x 240 resolution, 40mk sensitivity, 0.5 meters focus-free feature, and the Android platform interface provide users intuitive experiences to get you started. This camera is equipped with a 49 degree wide-angle lens to meet requirements from different industries, like building inspection and manufacturing. After inspection, you can import the data into AnalzyIR software with WiFi and generate reports with one click.

Here is a breakdown of the core parameters of the models in the 320F Series:

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